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We develop, manufacture and distribute varieties of medical, health and beauty equipments, in the field of "electrostimulation" and "vital reaction".

We provide a solution to our aging society with increasing lifestyle diseases by presenting our world's first technology of wearable belt-type electrostimulator for medical and muscle training use.

We provide a solution to our aging society with increasing lifestyle diseases by presenting our creation called G-TES.

G-TES is a low frequency electric therapy equipment which stimulates the whole lower limbs area with wearable belt-type electrostimulator. G-TES enables physically challenged people to exercise, importantly helping them develop sufficient muscles to form healthy metabolism. The clinical effects of this world's first and new innovative device are well supported by plenty of scientific evidence. G-TES is currently being distributed among 700 medical facilities such as orthopedics, rehabilitation, dialysis,ICU, and nursing care all over Japan.

1. Application on the whole lower limbs area
2. No prickling pain from the electrostimulation
3. Easy to use-easy to wear- belt-type device

We propose our modern society means for a prevention of lifestyle disease and a minimization of bedridden elderlies. We recommend you to first try our products yourself, we are sure you will experience the difference; the result and the comfort, nothing like other conventional EMS devices

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Our innovations in the field of "Electrostimulation" and "Vital reaction".

・Low frequency electric therapy equipments (medical/domestic use)
・EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) devices (medical/domestic use)
・Sleep introduction devices (medical/domestic use)
・ Relaxation devices
・ Hair restoration devices
・ Ion-mist beauty moisturizer

We, Homer Ion Lab Co., has an extensive line of facilities of research, development and manufacturing, making use of our in-house research laboratory and own factory in Japan.

ISO Our products quality are assured by ISO certification:

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